2015 Quilt Challenge

The rules for the 2015 Quilt Show Challenge have been posted to the Challenge page.

Are you planning on attending the World Quilt Show in Manchester, NH on August 14 – 17th?  If so, we need you to assist with raffle ticket sales and/or white gloving.  If we do not get enough people to volunteer, we will be unable to sell raffle tickets at the show.  This show can bring in $300 or more to the guild.  This money, in part, goes toward our wonderful programs.

Don’t have a ride?  I’m sure we could find someone who would be more than willing to let you tag along.

Do you have a friend or relative who is going with you? Have them assist with white gloving or selling tickets.  Teams of people can share the time slots so you don’t need to be standing or sitting for an extended time.  I generally get one of my family members to assist with raffle tickets and/or white gloving.  I will try to get at least one of my family members to help again this year.

If we don’t get enough volunteers by next weekend. I will be calling each and every one of you.   So please contact Betty Hastings to let her know you are willing to help.  That way it will be one less phone call to make.

Respectfully yours,

Cathy H

The literature that came from the August Mancuso World Quilt Show- New England XII reads as follows
“The World Quilt Show will provide your guild with space to display your raffle quilt for all four days in exchange for 32 hours of white glove volunteer service. Volunteers have the option of filling 8 four hour shifts or 16 two hour shifts..

Please note all volunteers must pay the pre registration fee or general admission so that they have proper identification. We ask all volunteers to supply their own white gloves. Please note that the guild’s quilt must be displayed all four days of the show.”

On the pre registration form it states that Volunteers will be given a complimentary half-day work shop or two complimentary lectures for each four hour shift. they commit to. or a complimentary full-day workshop for two shifts.

I have discussed this with a dozen MVQ members and I seriously doubt that we can field a team of enough people to sit at the raffle table for 4 days AND fill 32 hours of volunteer service. I am not going to apply for a space at the August 14-17 Quilt show. If you volunteered to work on the raffle table, you can take it off your calendar.

Quilt Show News

Some people are already working on quilts for our Show: Celebrating the Red, White and Blue and 35 years of MVQ

photo QS

UFO Challenge 2014-15

The rules and entry form for the UFO Challenge for 2014 – 15 can be found on the Projects page.

Thank You

We would like to thank the MVQ Quilt Guild for the honor of being named “Quilters of the Year” at the last meeting. It left us speechless!

As Cathy read the list of the many contributions the winner had made, it finally dawned on us who you were talking about! Participating in all those activities is a great way to meet many interesting members of our guild.    We would like to encourage all of our guild members to do the same.

We will be looking for assistance in helping to choose next year’s Quilter of the Year!   Please feel free to give any suggestions when you think of someone deserving of the title.   In the meantime, we have to find a date together to go shopping and make some quilts!
Have a safe and happy summer and we’ll see you in September,
Thank-You,    Ann and Mary Stobbs

world quilt show Aug 14-17, 2014

World Quilt Show New England XII
August 14-17 2014 The Center of NH/ Radisson Hotel/ Manchester
2014-2015 MVQ Raffle Quilt
Thursday Aug 14
Bev Valle set up
Secure quilt and Cash box
Friday Aug 15
Jan Taylor set up
Dee morris
Lin Caido
Marianne Karp
Layne Rondo
Secure quilt and Cash box
Saturday Aug 16
Cathy Harnish set up
Secure quilt and Cash box
Sunday Aug 17
Carol Sullivan set up
Janet Gillis
Terry Palardy
Beverly Knapp
Terry Palardy and Bev Knapp Take Down @ 4



The management of the World Quilt show is also looking for Exhibition Hostesses who can “white glove”  for a four hour shift. Volunteers are given a complimentary half-day workshop or two complimentary lectures for each four hour shift they do.  Two shifts earns a complimentary full day workshop , There is a limit of two shifts per volunteer. Betty Hastings has the details.


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