Don’t forget to bring  baked goods(individually wrapped) , cases of soda or water. .

Anyone who hasn’t signed up to work,please contact us.

Thanks  Gail Wozniak

Traveling Raffle Quilt

Betty Hastings would like to relinquish the position as Traveling Raffle Quilt coordinator.
She is willing to work with a new person through the next year as co-chair with the agreement that at the end of the 2016 year, the new person would take over. Any volunteers?


Thank you to three wonderful and diverse quilters: Ann Hockmeyer, Liz Swan and Maddie Burke for a wonderful presentation last night. Journeys shows a part of each person that just seeing them at meetings never is revealed. Quilting is the tie that binds but it shows itself in very creative ways because of the imagination of the individual quilter.

“Pieces from Life”

Janice Jones, Carol Anne Grotrian and Janice Hayes-Cha Quilts and collages by three artists who share techniques based on putting pieces together to form the diverse landscapes of our lives. May 8 – June 19, 2015

Opening reception: Friday, May 8, 5-7 pm

The Chester F. Sidell Gallery at Essex Art Center is pleased to present Pieces from Life:

Quilts and collages by three artists who share techniques based on putting pieces together to form the diverse landscapes of our lives. Each artist explores their own distinctive technique and medium. Quilts have been traditional textiles in American homes since the late 18th century; they were made or given for important life events such as weddings, the birth of a child, graduations, the departure of a loved one to another part of the country, etc. Through time quilts have been used in daily life but also as decorative pieces. Collage artists use a similar technique of placing small pieces of fabric, paper or objects to create wonderful images. This exhibit brings together three artists whose artwork has taken quilting and mixed media collage to a different level.

See the Essex Art Center for more Information

Don’t forget to bring penny raffle baskets, fat quarters for Angie white elephant table table, lottery scratch tickets for basket, and calendar to sign up to work

Sue Spargo, Wool Applique Artist is coming to the Essex County Needlecraft Guild in Topsfield.

Trunk Show and lecture.

June 16th, Tuesday at 10:00 AM

Guest fee- $10

Workshop on Tuesday PM and all day Wednesday.  Spaces are still available- kit cost is $35, workshop is $100.

She is coming here after a session at Camp Wool in Maine- her workshop is $300 there- so we are getting a bargain.

Call Pat Lucey for more info.

sue spargo

I am going to the bank on Friday morning, April 17th. PLEASE, if you have money that needs deposited, please give it to me on Thursday at the Guild Meeting. As I have no knowledge as to whom you are, I am requesting that you seek me out. I need to make a deposit but do not wish to go to the bank several times with little amounts each time. Also, be prepared to count the money, that you give me, with me. This assures that we are in sync with YOUR deposit.. Thanks so much for this consideration. I really do appreciate it.–

Marianne Karp

Acct’s Receivable.


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