We have a volunteer for the quilt show!! Beverly Knapp has volunteered to be the quilt show chair!!


This past Thursday evening I presented a trunk show of 37 of my quilts for the Merrimack Valley Quilt Guild.  3 years ago I did a similar presentation at the Images quilt show which was part of the Lowell Quilt Festival but that seemed like a long time ago.  I remember being somewhat nervous for that as it was my first time doing a quilt related presentation.  This time around I actually had fun and wasn’t nervous at all.  It felt like a privilege to be able to share my quilts and my quilting journey.  The guild had a great turnout for me and I had a lot of positive comments afterward.   I’m so happy it went well and was enjoyed.   My contact in the guild was great to work with throughout the planning process and it was fun talking with guild members while I was there.  Thank you Merrimack Valley Quilt Guild!!!!!!

Thank You, Gladi !

Quilter of the Year

Congratulations to Lin Caido for being named “Quilter of the Year”.

Lin is certainly very worthy of this honor.

She has helped MVQ in various positions since she first joined. She served as VP for two years.

She helped to rewrite the by-laws.

This year, she has been a co-chair of the Raffle Quilt for 2015-2016.

She is always ready to give hand at the Quilt Show or whatever needs to be done to keep MVQ as vital as it is.

Thank you Lin and sincere Congratulations from the MVQ membership!

We are only at the halfway point!! We still need more sets of fabric for our Raffle 2017 Quilt. One set is equal to: 3 – four inch squares cut from the same fabric.

Remember…..lights, mediums and darks, quilt shop quality and perhaps newer to your stash. Clear tones, fabrics that read as one color, prints, textured solids, subtle stripes, plaids, checks, dots, geometric.

Please be generous and bring as many sets as you can to the June meeting.

June Newsletter

The June Newsletter is now online.

Membership form is enclosed but also under Forms on Blog. Sign up before September meeting and be eligible for a free membership!

Enjoy the summer and think of ways to keep this Guild vibrant!!!!

We were totally entertained with Joe Cunningham’s lecture at our recent Guild meeting and I think it is safe to say we all stretched a bit at his workshop and spent a bit of time on the floor. Some of us wrestled with tiny slivers, color choices, following directions, pressing and layout but in the end I think his style of quilt making opened us up to some great possibilities. The workshop was considered a huge success. Shopping with him at PFC and The Barn opened me up to his style of fabric selection & bargain hunting!

Maddie was a hardworking, gracious host driving him thru at least “43” towns and to the Essex Peabody Museum, the MFA, getting him fed, and from and to airport. Joe enjoyed playing music with my husband, Jim, and the four of us laughed the night away over dinner at the Pub. Even more fun than at the workshop! A truly delightful time….so please Joe, come back again soon!

YOUR CHALLENGE LADIES….to show your “Joe” quilts at the June meeting, tops or finished! I’ll be ready and Maddie & I know he’ll be waiting to see the pictures!


PS. If you left the workshop early you missed three demonstrations: Bias tape application, facing your quilts instead of binding and the big stitch with some clever starts and stops (I have a video on this).




Can you spare a little time? I know first hand how hard it is to find time for our guild. We are always balancing our very busy lives with work and caring for our families. For me, the precious free time spent on guild stuff is part of my ME time. The ME time keeps me sane. It keeps me focused on my quilting and what I love.  Without it, I’m just a sailor without a compass or a needle without thread.

Our guild is very important. We are more than a 501C organization. We are a body of souls with a shared passion. We create beauty and yearn to learn more about our “craft”. We donate our beautiful quilts to people we never meet. We gather for friendship and support.

When we are together we are amazing! I’m very grateful for all the doers in our group, but they are getting tired after years of all the doing. Being together takes some work and we need help to make it all happen. The monthly program and the annual quilt show are the core of the guild. The quilt show’s profit is what provides the programs. Without a quilt show we can’t have such great programs!

So, can you spare a little time? We need you to volunteer to chair the quilt show or do the 16/17 programs or travel with the raffle quilt or organize a bus trip. All these positions have support and guidance from the former chairs when needed, so you won’t be alone with the task. Please step up and join the doers! Our guild needs you!

Thank you,



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