On Tuesday, June 27 at 6:30 PM there will be an illustrated talk about the “Mill girls of New England” by author Doug Stewart. A free event sponsored by the friends of the Salisbury public library – to be held at the Salisbury public library meeting room 17 Elm St., Salisbury.

Should be of great interest to learn more about our local history and the textile industry.

Hello all!  I hope everyone enjoyed the last meeting.  It was very hectic for me.  We had some technical difficulties that needed to be worked out.  One issue was, my camera did not have a battery in it.  Therefore, I do not have any pictures of the changing of the board, thanking Ann for her service, naming of Quilter of the Year and Show and Tell.  I would like to post some pictures to our Facebook page.  So, if you have pictures would you share them with me?  Please send them to me by email at liz@swanquilting.com.  Or, if you prefer, and you use Dropbox, share your folder with me.  I would appreciate any and all pictures I can get.

I would like to say a public thank you to all who made this a memorable time for me.  Thank you, Ann Hockmeyer for being a great President and for the pin, bell and beautiful flowers.  Thank you, Nancy Dempsey, for naming me Quilter of the Year.  I was very surprised and humbled by it.  And the orchid is beautiful!  I really love it.  Thanks to Ann Hockmeyer, Betty Hastings and Marianne Karp for their hand in it.

Thank you to all members for electing me as President.  I look forward to your help and support in the coming year.  Thank you to the new Executive Board for stepping up.  I look forward to working with you.  Thank you to the 73 members who made quilts for Kulea.  I am truly overwhelmed by your generosity.  Finally, thank you to the Raffle Quilt committee for a beautiful quilt that, I hope, will make lots of money for the guild.  Can wait to quilt it!

Lots to be thankful for!  Enjoy your summer.  See you in September!

Liz Swan

Come to a quilt show for Atkinson’s 250 celebration on Monday, September 4 from 10-2 at Atkinson Congregational Church.Some members of MVQ belong to this church. As an added bonus there is a car show going on same time and date within walking distance. Contact Helen Weymouth if you wish to help or have questions. dhkjm@comcast.net

June Newsletter

The June Newsletter is now online. Go to Newsletter tab- click and then click on NL June 2017.IMG_5618

Fiber Artist, Pat Pauly is coming- Her workshop is “the New Big Leaf”.

Go to her website to find out more about her.PinkLeaf2withPat

With permission from Gladi Porsche, a prize winning quilter from Cocheco Guild who we had as a speaker a couple years ago – a snipit from her blog about quilts in shows.

I came across an article in which Mary Mashuta (a big name from the past!) wrote her thoughts about judging and I would like to end this post with a quote from her which sums up my feelings:

“Along the way, I have won some ribbons, though some of my personal favorites have never won awards…Visual impact is most important….When you win a prize, rejoice, but when you don’t win, don’t let that stop you from sharing your work…Even if you never win a prize, sharing your work is what is really important.  The judges may pass it by, but there will be viewers who notice it and enjoy what you’ve done.  It may offer color or design solutions to other quilters or just encourage them to keep trying with their own work.  And, best of all, you know what you’ve learned by creating the work and only you can be the judge of that.”

I might add that, unless making competition quilts is your thing,  it is important to make quilts for yourself, that you enjoy the process and that the design and colors you use are enjoyed by YOU!

The list for the raffle baskets has been added as a page under the quilt show.  Click here to see the new page.